Thursday, February 19, 2009

Dining out with the Kids

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“Where should we go for dinner kids?” I asked one evening. It was a special night.

“I don’t know, as long as it is a ‘white tablecloth’ restaurant. Remember, Mom, I don’t like fast food,” replied Andrew (6 years).

“How about ‘different country’ food!” chimed in Gladys (4 yrs).

I shook my head, with a disbelieving pride. We don’t eat out as much as we would like, but my husband and I do love to dine. We always have. I remember the week we spent in Hong Kong – we decided to dine in restaurants specializing in a different region of China every night. On our eight-week trip out West we ‘refused’ to eat in a chain. That was interesting at times, but well worth it!

Many of our outings are slightly less exotic, but my children have been invited behind the scenes to see tandoori ovens, a Lebanese bakery, and have enjoyed live music at restaurants where they were the only kids. Those are some of my favorite memories.

Tips & Tricks for Dining out with Kids

1. Start easy and fun. Bravo! is a great place to start.
2. Make it a celebration of the kids.
3. Encourage the children to dress their best, but don’t make it fight.
4. At first, keep it short. Order quickly, and let the waiter know your timing.
5. Take an early seating/ reservation. Kids who are not hungry and tired do much better.
6. Make sure everyone is comfortable, including the kids (consider sleeves in summer).
7. Bring back-up supplies if you often need them: a booster, sippy cup, a couple straws, and wipes. (Leave the booster in the car. You can get it if needed).
8. Go easy on toys. One matchbox car, four crayons, and one mini notebook are more than enough. Leave toys that make noise at home.
9. Make your children part of the action. You are teaching them how to dine, so look through the menu together, discuss fork placement, and check out the d├ęcor. (Enjoy a conversation with your spouse later).
10. Order items that the kids enjoy. If there isn’t a sure-fire kids menu, then most restaurants have bread, butter noodles, plain rice, fruit or other familiar items that are usually used as ingredients. (Which you will order, and then the kids will eat your fabulous meal, leaving you with butter noodles.)
11. If possible, have your children order their own food. The younger ones will feel SO grown up. (I think my oldest was two when he figured out how to get refills).
12. If your kids are not behaving, take a break. I have taken my own out into the lobby for a brief conversation (ahem). It happens. Don’t give up, even if you have to try again another day. Soon enough you will do what my parents did, threaten to have coffee after dinner. (No!! Not the dreaded coffee sipping!!! That takes forEVER!!!!)
If you have made it through dinner (even if it wasn’t quite perfect) congratulate yourselves with dessert. (Yeah, the DQ drive thru is just fine).

Special Notes for Baby

1. If you are nursing (I did), a beautiful silk scarf draped over a shoulder can improve everyone’s comfort (and you’ll look great too).
2. Even the nicest restaurants will bring out water-for-tea that you can use to warm your bottle. Put a large cup in your oh-so-stylish diaper bag in case they don’t have something large enough for your bottle. Practice the technique before you go.
3. Make sure the diaper is fresh before you enter, not all nicer restaurants have changing tables. If there isn’t a table, use your car seat or stroller (or front pack if you walked in) to change the baby in the powder room.


Badass Geek said...

I'll see if I can get my wife to let me bring a toy with me the next time we dine out.

If it'd keep me from blowing my straw wrapper at her, I think she'd go for it.

MIT Mommy said...

Badass - hee hee - Until you have kids, then she'll keep extra straws in her purse, hoping that blowing the wrapper is the worst of it.

Jen Catri said...

Very excited to try Bravo now and to post MIT Mommy to my fav. page... I just discovered to my dining delight that our coveted Twinsburg Blue Canyon has date nights on Mondays for $35 a couple, includes Soup or salad, entree and dessert options. Plus their sign says kids eat free Sun thru Fri... So please check it out for all of us on the kidfriendliness :)

Indy said...

Andrew doesn't like fast food? White tablecloth? Oh boy! I have to say that your dinner with kids sound nothing at all like the dinners I have with my kids at restaurants.

Great giveaway! I do love Bravo. I am not just saying that. But, I have to say I love it even more as a date night with my hubby!

Emily said...

Haven't yet been to Bravo!, but would love to give it a try. We need to venture out of our safety zone of pancake restaurants!

Anonymous said...

My son still doesn't like us having coffee if we go out.