Sunday, August 8, 2010

Bouncing Back

Gladys had not been feeling too keen,
after bouncing on her small trampoline.
But now we all give a sigh, she bounces 30 feet high.
Just please Lord take care of that spleen.

Don't you wish that you knew what you know.
Back then - those "short" years ago.
Kids don't miss one beat, they jump back on both feet,
like watching Larry, Curly, and Moe!

I seem to have gotten off track,
you'd think I had some stroke or attack.
When I can't help but be terse,
I find relief in some verse.
Perhaps it will help me bounce back.


Anonymous said...

At rhymes you are definitely first class
Beneath your new "feat" grows no grass
Beyond being awesome
You have finally become
The First MIT Limerick Lass


amyjr said...

where was this taken? I love it.

MIT Mommy said...

G - A Limerick Lass!! I love it. Thank you!

Amy - I took the picture at a very huge trampoline in Steamboat Springs, CO.

Tamil Music Corner said...

Beautiful blog

Flea said...

Hi MITM! So glad your darling daughter is doing well.