Saturday, November 12, 2011

Lego Scrimmage - Get it?

The process defies easy explanation.

Yes, yes, the kids use Legos and robots and computers. The parents pull their hair out wondering how they will ever get it done.

And then comes scrimmage day, and over 200 people - kids, coaches & mentors - come together to first don their t-shirts, to try out those robots, and give it all a first try.

The managed chaos provides a scene for intense learning. Expect screams. Expect a few tears. And, when the parents are providing the safe environment, but not too much instruction.

You'll also find kids who say . . .

"I can do this."

"How are we ever going to do this?"

And, "I think we can help."

Because those are the biggest challenges our kids will face out there. They will need to do it themselves, challenge themselves, and learn to collaborate. They don't learn that stuff from Legos. They learn it from the mentors, parents, and their peers. They learn it from YOU.

Of course what self-respecting geek doesn't LOVE seeing a robot put a ball in a bucket??

Yeah. Really, really cool. No, you've probably seen a ball fall in a bucket before, but you get why it was cool.

They get it too.

Thank you to all of you really cool coaches, parents and mentors out there who just 'get it.'

High 5's to all of you.