Friday, December 19, 2008

Holy Christmas!

I have to share this story. Of course, consider this also a bit of an apology of why I have not been blogging of late. If it is possible to be bludgeoned by the Spirit of Christmas, then I believe I am experiencing it now.

It's a good thing.

First, there were the cranes. We decorated a friends tree with nearly 1000 cranes. You can read about that here.

Then, everyone pulled together when Indy's mother died. The love was palpable.

I thought everything would wind down this week. My co-chair and I delivered 'adopt a family' gifts on Thursday morning. The need was so clear, and the families were so appreciative, and I was feeling rather relieved to be almost done with maybe a few too many obligations. I was making it through, everything was scheduled down to the minute, but it would all happen.


And then a woman approached us in the driveway of the 'adopt a family' home. She asked the simple question of how she might get on our list. She was so humble, so polite, just there asking the question, just in case. We said that the program was over for the year, but we took her name and address, just in case. She walked away disappointed, but understanding.

She had hardly disappeared when my co-chair and I gave each other that knowing look.

"Deliver Saturday?"


"Got anything at home?"

"I can grab a few things. We'll figure it out."

After some polite scolding by our venerable communications chair who miraculously ran into me at the local grocery store, I sent out the note below. My living room is FULL. I have received at least 15 phonecalls from people wanting to participate. I cannot leave my house without returning home to a full porch. I was explaining to our communications chair in the preschool hallway how wonderful she is for convincing me to send the note, and the person next to her said

"Oh, you're Emama? I was just heading to your house. Let me give it to you now."

THE NOTE I sent Thursday around 2pm was as follows . . . .

Operation Santa Claus

I have a Holiday request . . .

THE NEED: We are looking for new or used (whatever you have handy) things for a 3yr old girl and 2yr old boy.

clothes - boy 2T and larger, girls 3T and larger (clothes, coats, hats, pj's, whatever)

toys, books, etc, for the same ages.

DROP OFF: If you have anything, please drop these items off at

1) my house

2) Pioneer preschool AM to my co-chair

3) Pioneer preschool PM to me

4) Call my cell and I'll pick them up.


My co-chair and I dropped off the giving tree gifts this morning to two families. Honestly, I can't tell you how heart warming it is to see how appreciated these gifts are to the families. I can't thank you enough. The families were truly overwhelmed with the quantity of gifts, and truly appreciative. I know it may be difficult to feel how important this event is when you are dropping off a gift and never see those families receive the gifts. It IS important. You all have really made a difference in the lives of these families.

As we were leaving one of the homes, a neighbor approached us in the driveway. She very politely inquired about how she might participate in the program (as a recipient). After a brief exchange, we requested her name and address. I explained that since we were just finishing up the program for this year, I wasn't sure that we would be able to help her out. I encouraged her to not have any expectation.

She was very understanding.

After she walked away, we agreed that she would be put on the list for a Saturday delivery. I am considering it a Christmas gift to all of us to be able to 'play Santa' for this family. We only have 36 hours really. But, look around your house. Maybe there is a feather boa in the bottom of the toy box that hasn't been loved in a long time and could use a new home. Maybe there is a little board book that your children have outgrown, or even a few extra matchbox cars. Ask your kids if there is something that they would like to give away to make more room for Santa's treasures.

If you have a moment to find something, please know that it will make a difference.

And, the first person who responds to this note who would like to come drop them off, will have the opportunity to join us Saturday morning. (I need to pass on some of this love.)

Thanks again,


Rachel said...

Holy Christmas is right and this is the true spirit of Christmas; you made me feel so good!

Anonymous said...

Ah, that's made me feel all warm. It does feel good to give to those who really need help.