Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Preparing for our Lord

Christmas means many things to many people. We bake cookies. We gather gifts. This year, we even enjoyed a "Norman Rockwell" Christmas in front of a roaring fire at an 1850's Tavern. We even sang jingle bells on a horse drawn wagon. Okay, the cookies are still in the form of a bag of flour, but Christmas magic is in the air, and certainly we can expect the "Mary Poppins" effect to kick in any minute.

In the meantime, Gladys and I cleaned the refrigerator. I am not sure why no one sings songs about cleaning the house prior to the arrival of Christmas guests. Or, perhaps they do, and I have been too busy to listen.

Feeling rather jolly, I was amusing myself marvelling at the high tech features of my refrigerator, sure that, at any moment, some science experiment worth blogging about would present itself.

This particularly impressive gauge allows you to control the precise temperature of your refrigerator. You have the choice between "cold" and "colder." I can imagine the sarcastic engineers enjoying designing this particular gauge.
"So, you want me to make this dial? Really? So, we can say, 'what do you want, folks, its a refrigerator for heaven's sake, do you want it cold, or colder?'"
Someone with a degree did that.

Of course, this particular high-tech feature has been the subject of amusement for many, the secret light switch. I see here that someone decided that the confusion had finally gone to far, and they went ahead and labelled it for us otherwise befuddled consumers. I am SO glad they told me, I would have never guessed that it was a light switch.
And, of course, my very favorite feature of my refrigerator are these lovely shelves. It is difficult to read (I'm not a photographer) but it does say "spillproof."

I know, it probably means that once something is spilled, it won't go dribbling down onto your shoes and your pickles on the shelf below. But, if you had seen this shelf before I scrubbed it, the word "spillproof" would NOT have come to mind.
Ah, here is dear Gladys again, cleaning our very high-tech refrigerator. Not having found any so-called science experiments in my refrigerator (and feeling a little proud, mind you) I thought that this blog post may be just as dry as you are expecting. We would finish this chore and merely be a gnats hair closer to welcoming Jesus on his birthday.

And then I found this.

And I remembered that sunny, summer day when a sweet husband made mint juleps for his wife. And, that wife being of a frugal sort, decided to save the mix. However, those mint juleps were just so yummie and delicious that she must have been enjoying them so much that she forgot how to spell.
Mrs. Claus will savor that hot toddy on Christmas Eve.
And, now my friends, I am ready for the Lord.


Rachel said...

Oh the joys of cleaning...this is the appliance I dread cleaning.

Don't worry about the spelling; you had good reason!

Flea said...

yum. I've never had a mint julep or hot toddy, but have always wanted one. Looks like I'm coming to your house for Jesus' birthday!

enthalpymama said...

You would all be welcome!

Badass Geek said...

As a former apprentice to an appliance repairman, I can say with authority that refrigerators are not designed and built intelligently, but rather to make them the most confusing and most difficult things to repair.