Monday, March 2, 2009


I am wearing a super-hero cape too. Since it is really Gladys’ fancy apron that her aunt made, it gives me a delicate, lacy look around the shoulders, rather sophisticated as capes go.

When my kids and I get REALLY serious about cleaning, we wear capes. I think it is appropriate. I feel so much more serious in a super-hero cape. I know I run faster. Sometimes, I’m even sure I can fly.

This week is take-no-prisoners find it, fix-it, check it off, and get rid of it week in MIT Mommy’s house. We are getting ready for Summer. Again, the fantasy of wearing a cape works well when trying to imagine ‘Summer’ on a ten degree, windy March morning. It is working. The coffee didn’t hurt either.

So far, I am feeling a certain amount of success. If you are looking for statistics, I can tell you there are about six boxes for charity and roughly four bags already put in the garbage. I have cleared the bathtub drain and my husband completed a long list of self-imposed tasks from the weekend. He rocks.

In the interest of maintaining this significant progress, I am working on an ongoing schedule for myself. I call it my Lenten Observance List – LOL. (Jesus loves children. He must have a sense of humor. And, there is the added benefit of feeling like it is a short-term agreement.)

Just as I doubted the good sense of this approach, Andrew whispered in my ear.

“Mom, who does God believe in?”

Without a thought, I said, “He believes in us.”


“Sure, he trusts you to make good choices in your life.”

“So, why are there ‘bad kings’?”

“They made bad choices and broke God’s trust. The things in life most worthwhile are often the most difficult.”

He looked at me. His sister had taken his seat, but instead of bothering her he scooted over by his dad. He heard me.

I heard me too.


Badass Geek said...

Well said.

Flea said...

I absolutely love the idea of wearing a cape when cleaning. Do you think I can get my teenagers to do that?

You're very wise, Mom.

Indy said...

I am sure having a husband home all week would keep any wife busy! I was just thinking that I hope my husband's company doesn't make him take a week off. Then I realized, he might be taking more than a week off and filing for unemployment. You are almost 1/2 way done! Hang in there. And good luck finishing up the house. I love when I get in those moods to throw it all out. Have fun!

MIT Mommy said...

Thank you for all your encouragement.

Indy - Hang in there. I'd love to talk, but I've got a honey do list longer than a roll of toilet paper.

Laura said...

The flylady will make a list for you and send it to you by email on a daily or weekly basis. She covers the whole house in a month. Andrew is always so insightful.

Brigette said...

The cape would go awesomely with the pink jeans.

And what does that woman mean you're not supposed to call them "jeans" anymore? How come I have to hear these things from someone who wears a cape and pink "denims"?

Don Mills Diva said...

This is a pretty inspiring post - I should think about putting on a cape and getting to work at my house...

Im2Sexy4MyVan said...

Go Girlfriend! I covet your energy and progress around the house.

My husband changed some lightbulbs tonight and i found myself telling him how turned on i was. It has come to this. My happiness meter is measured by the number of new lightbulbs around the house.