Monday, March 16, 2009

PlayDoh Overachievement

I slowed down last week. The jury remains out on the true impact of these changes. Spending extra time with one’s brood and cleaning the house with greater zest likely improves our overall lives. But, next month I will shout out in favor of allowing my extroverted nature to blossom. I will extol the virtues of engagement in the community. I will accentuate the need to show our children that their mother is more than a cooker, a cleaner, and a craft organizer.

The pendulum thus swings.

Last week, I sat down and worked with Playdoh. The attention span of my children never ceases to amaze me. George continued with his projects for over two hours, without any interest in further distraction. Gladys took the occasional break, normally because I would allow myself to quickly throw in another load of laundry.

We played with Playdoh for two hours.

A person can do a lot in two hours. The roses do not take very long at all, only a few minutes. For a few moments, I even wondered if mothers across the country had been making roses out of PlayDoh all along and had just never told me. After all, they are kind of pretty in a Dr. Seussian sort of way.

Then, I came to my senses.

If you would like to make them yourself, I describe the process over here.

If you think a prolonged lack of sunshine has resulted in dangerously low levels of Vitamin D that is ultimately causing short-term delirium, you might be right.

If you think I should get out more, you are definitely right.

Phew. Just in time for Spring.


Angela said...

OMG that is totally awesome! We never got past making worms and the usual playdoh cutters and the awful playdoh hair. I am totally sending this over to my SAHD. LOL, he's going to whack me.

Indy said...

I swear when I saw the roses, I thought to myself, only MIT Mommy. I hate to say that I usually don't play with them when they get it out. I help them open them and leave them be. I try to play a game or two each day but have really tried to make them more independent with their playing.

Anonymous said...

This brought back some wonderful memories of when my teenager was a tot - thanks for the trip down memory lane - the roses are far better than the ones we made.