Monday, July 28, 2008

My Family (to the Brady Bunch tune)

Here’s a story, of a man named Marvin
Who had married the true love of his life.
They met one day in California and soon she’d be his wife.

Here’s the story of a girl named Mary
She was born beyond the West Coast,
They’d have three kids, they love so much, but love their grandkids most.

Their first-born was a brunette beauty,
She was as perfect as a first-born can be,
And even better, that Air Force hospital, barely charged a fee.

Then the one-day that first girl met this fellow,
He was ambitious, athletic, and nice
They went on to have a sweet girl, then got lucky twice.

Their next kid was a tall boy,
He was so smart they knew he’d go far,
Then after his first degree, he even passed the Bar.

Then that next boy met a fine girl,
An engineer who can manage and teach,
Then came two new grandkids, they’d have one of each.

Their last baby was a blondie,
She’d study and run off to Japan,
But she’d come back to be a mommy, after she found her man.

That last babe found a good one,
A finance guy as sharp as can be,
They’d have a boy and then a girl too, then a boy makes three.

I wrote this about an hour ago for my dad's birthday. I decided to start a family blog for him. Its not the best poem, but it comes with lots of love. What does one get for a father?


Badass Geek said...

This was very clever! I played the theme song along with it just so I'd get the full effect.

I tend to get things for my dad that he can use for his hobbies. Like a monopod for his new camera, or some new supplies for fly fishing. Something that he has to use for fun.

Indy said...

I was hoping you didn't come up with this for no reason at all. Did he like it????