Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Gladys caught me singing

When Andrew was at school and George was down for a nap, Gladys and I made tortilla dough. She was helping me.

"You scoop, I'll dump!" That's what she always says.

So, I was scoopng, she was dumping, and I started singing some made-up-tune about making dough. She started hugging me, right there standing on the chair next to me.

"Why are you hugging me, Sweetie? You are my sweet girl." I said giving her a squeeze back.

Then, as lovingly as ever and with a big squeeze, she said,

"You are my adult."


Anonymous said...

Kids say the sweetest things sometimes - makes it all worthwhile.....just remember this when she's a lippy teenager.

One Christmas preparing vegetables for dinner, I told my three year old he was was driving me nuts - he replied in a snap "you're driving me parsnips!"

Badass Geek said...

Just wait until she asks you to buy beer for her and her friends.

enthalpymama said...

scatterbrain - I love the parsnips comment.

badass geek - What if I ask her first?? (Just kidding). It all goes by so fast.

Indy said...

Don't you love that you have this comment forever? Before this blog, it might have passed you by. Now, you can save it and reread it when you are an old lady and smile. You will remember these crazy days and cherish the memories. So sweet.

sj said...

that is so adorable!!

my nephew says really sweet things all the time, and it makes my sister crack up -- i keep telling her to start her own blog.

he calls my husband "auntie j" because he seems to associate him only with me. so it's "auntie sj and auntie j" -- j tried to "get him back" (though he's only 3) by calling him his neice. somehow, that logic is wasted on him.

Meg said...

Thats so cute! My post tomorrow is about my son helping me bake cookies. He didn't say anything cute other than "cuuuckoooo" which means cookie.

enthalpymama said...

sj - Auntie j, that is cute. I remember when I was dating my husband and his neice asked who that boy was with E (how are kids so smart?)

Meg - How do you actually write tomorrow's blog ahead of time? Anyway, we love baking cookies & can't wait to read it.

enthalpymama said...

Indy - I know. Guess that keeps me going.