Wednesday, March 11, 2009

The Real Story - or Not

You can tell a lot by watching kids play. In fact, with a few quick questions, you can probably find out more than you want. I know this. My mother has teased me about it.

“Leave me with Gladys, I’d like to see how you are REALLY doing.”

You know it’s true too, even if you don’t want to admit it. If preschool teachers talked!

My children enjoy playing ‘family.’

On the nicest day we have had recently, I was out front with Andrew and Gladys. Andrew was the ‘dad.’ Gladys decided to be the ‘baby,’ so that left me as ‘mom’ (it was easy on my imagination anyway). They always do approximately the same thing, and they have been acting out these scenes since they could walk.

Andrew runs or rides his bike down the sidewalk almost to my neighbor’s mailbox. He stops there and pretends to be at work. Sometimes, he will even ‘call’ me at home (we are still close enough that we can hear each other on our ‘phones’). After he briefly pretends to work on an invisible computer, he heads home. And, we proceed to have approximately the same conversation we have had for about four years.

“Hi, Honey, I’m home!” (kiss)

“Hi, Dear. Did you have a nice day?”

“Yes. How was yours?”

“Great. Let’s have some dinner.”

I try to mix it up sometimes, but it doesn’t really matter. They pretty much want to have the same conversation every single time. (I think we just all enjoy the kisses.) But, this time, the conversation was just a little bit different.

“Hi, Honey, I’m home!” (kiss)

“Hi, Dear. Did you have a nice day?”

“I got fired.”

Fortunately, his daddy is still working, but some of his friend’s dads are not. It is reality, but does it have to be imaginary too?

So, this morning, when I was in the shower with Gladys, I decided that I wouldn’t post about my son pretending to be fired. I was imagining so many other topics that I might post about, when Gladys interrupted me.

“Mom, why do banks close down?”

“They run out of money, Darling.”

“Where do they get the money?”

“They get money from people or business who want them to keep it for them so they can buy something later. Like, we might put some money there in case we want to buy a car in a few years (or a degree in economics for our four year old). Then, the bank takes the money and lends it to someone else, so they can buy something right now. People take turns. Does that make sense?”

“Yes. They run out of money. I’m good at taking turns.”

“Yes, Honey, you are very good at that.”

Of course, just when you think your children have a clear picture of reality, you get a really fabulous story.

After preschool recently, Gladys told me that one of her teachers put whipped cream in the shoe of the other teacher. And, after running around barefoot, the shoeless teacher proceeded to eat the whipped cream.

I can only imagine what she tells them about me.


Working Glass Gal said...

Oh, this is one of my favorite posts ever. I love the whipped cream story. Thank you!

Indy said...

Wow. They have picked up a lot! And they don't even watch TV! My kids see it on the news sometimes and I have to answer a lot of questions too.

I love babysitting and love when children spill the beans. It always cracks me up. If their parents only knew...