Friday, April 3, 2009

For the (my) record

There are weeks where you arrive at Friday and wonder exactly what happened to those other days. What exactly did I do? Blogging helps to remove that disconcerting feeling. Even if I had severe memory loss, I could certainly review my archives.
Of course, I don't really talk about all the boring details of my life. And, I won't here either.
However, just for the record, these are a few of the projects I started and completed this week. I do not have pictures of the fresh tortillas, playing catch with my kids, or winning at Pretty Pretty Princess (I looked divine, by the way, but not as cute as George). I don't have pictures of the passionfruit tart or the flourless chocolate cake with Kirch glaze and cherry sauce either. But, here are a few of the pictures I did take.
Just for the record.

A sweet jumper for a sweet little girl (who adored picking everything out at the fabric store).

A fresh, new skirt for a pretty nice big girl, who didn't want to fork over the money to buy one at Saks I think mine is better anyway, but you can decide for yourself. I needed something to wear Saturday night with a black shirt. It will do.

This is a birthday cake for a dear friend, who will always be one year older than I am. And, by some twist of fate got terribly sick this week and was not able to make the desserts for her out of town guests as she had planned. So, here it is. I can't even imagine being THAT old. It must be hard.

I'm glad I'll never be as old as she is.

Next week, I will be one week older. And, for everyone's sake, I hope I'll be one week more interesting.


Anonymous said...

You're multi-talented and obviously able to multi-task.

I wish I were young enough to wear the 'jumper'. Lucky girl. She has excellent taste in fabrics and will look a picture wearing it. You'll (sorry) come a close second in your flirty skirt.

Badass Geek said...

You truly are multi-faceted.

Flea said...

LOVE the fringe on the jumper. Love your skirt! And the cake is perfect, even if it is for an old person.

You simply must learn to smock. :)

MIT Mommy said...

You guys are always so sweet. It has been a crazy week.

Flea - I do wish you lived closer so you could teach me to smock.

The good news is that I learned to lay vinyl tile today in a kitchen. I'm sure that will come in handy at some point. I also danced to a live band until after 2am and rode home in a limosine.

My toe is bloody from being stepped on while dancing. I'll spare you the picture.

AreWeThereYet? said...

Ohhhh. Make my heart skip a beat! The dress is divine. The skirt is fabulous! The cakes and tarts are super delicious. You can call me OLD ... as long as you call me!!!

MIT Mommy said...

Ironically, I just tried to call you and you are not answering your phone. I'm wondering when you found time to even read this.

Laura said...

your cake and skirt are beautiful. You are so talented.