Friday, May 29, 2009

North Coast Girl

Her favorite place is the beach.

She has been in fifteen states. She has seen the Statue of Liberty, Devil's Tower, and the Washington Monument.
She has gazed at the stars in the desert at night, seen snow in the Rocky Mountains in summer, and experienced pitch darkness in the depths of Wind Cave.

She's flown in a plane, ridden in a kayak, enjoyed horse-drawn carriages, and a chair-lift to the summit.

But, I don't think, even once, has she ever played in salt water.
She's a North Coast Girl.


Badass Geek said...

Every child should play in the ocean at least once.

Indy said...

Really? Gotta get her there sometime soon. I love the ocean.

daria said...

Thanks for stopping by! I love the beach and these photos made me miss the East Coast. Also, I love that you're an MIT mom; we all need some social support in the (possibly future) career-family department.

Flea said...

This summer, right? My kids miss the Atlantic.

MIT Mommy said...

Yes, gotta get that girl to the beach. Crazy, isn't it.

Welcome, Daria. Glad you stopped by!

AreWeThereYet? said...

My first airplane ride was at the age of 18. And I didn't see the mountains or taste the ocean until I was almost 23. All very memorable experiences for this 'ole land locked girl from Iowa.

Doesn't matter when, just that she does. What a charmed life Gladys leads.