Sunday, September 20, 2009

A Day with Andrew

Andrew and I spent the day together today. My husband took the littler two with him to a family event. Andrew wanted to stay home to go to soccer practice, so we made the most of our day together. Besides oodles of projects, including cleaning out Jessie (the trailer), the pantry, and the bathroom, we made lasagna and went to an Italian restaurant together for an al fresco lunch. This conversation happened on the way to lunch.

“Mom, I’ve decided what to do when I grow up.”

“Oh? Terrific. What have you decided on?” I replied, willing to take almost any answer since he had pretty much decided on a ‘truck driver’ this summer.

“I’ve decided that when I’m old enough to buy a car, I’m going to buy one and, well, I’ll buy two because I’ll need one for my wife, and then I’ll take one of them and hide it until it is a classic car.”

“That is a very cool idea. What kind of car are you going to buy?” I ask, wondering off-handedly about the whole wife-thing, but deciding to leave it alone.

“A Ford Mustang.”

Later, getting ready for bed, he was reading a Classic Car magazine.

“Did you have a good day, Honey?”

“Yeah, I hope we have a lot like this one.”

“Yeah, me too,” I smiled, deeply. “Come on, up to bed, especially if you want to bake bread before school.”

“So, Mom, I found a classic car that I think we could fix up and it’s not even that expensive, at least not for an actual car.”

“How much is it?”


“Oh, well, that is quite a bit of money still. But, you have lots of time really. You won’t be 16 for nine years. So, that’s like $400 per year or $100 every three months or about $1 per day. Do you think you can save a $1 per day every day until you are sixteen?”


Yeah, maybe he could.

As I turned off his light, I realized that 3500 days just doesn’t seem like a long time. I wish I could make them all perfect, but I can’t.

They will be just like today, at least I hope so.


*Moi* said...

Snap. He's growing up fast. Oh, and by the way, how did you figure out the $1 per day thing? Like in your head? THAT FAST? Wow, 3500 days. I wonder how many days until I turn 16...

AreWeThereYet? said...

3500 days just isn't long enough...