Wednesday, February 24, 2010

There once was a girl who got older.

There once was a girl who got older,
(She certainly couldn't get bolder.)
You might think all your shine,
Fades past twenty-nine,
Not true - but you couldn't have told her.

There once was a girl with a great shoe passion,
She says “Goodwill” wouldn’t accept my foot fashion.
No, I didn’t invite my sister,
But s’pose I would’ve missed her.
She fixed that with some party crashin’.

“Are we There Yet?” led this conspir’cy,
Watch out – she’s clever, gorgeous and (ha!) shifty,
I send thanks my dear Friend,
We must do this (in Vegas?) again,
No rest ‘til we’re flirty and fifty!

There once was a girl wanting no fuss.
Traded her red sports car for a nice micro bus.
But - Oh my! What do ya know - a !
She dances fine with a pink feather boa!
Society will never forgive us.

Thanks for the boa Indy - watch out when you finally turn 40!!!


Flea said...

Happy 40th, MIT! Looks like you had a blast! Please tell me y'all weren't drinking milk?

MIT Mommy said...

Ha! Oh yes, a woman my age needs her calcium.

amyjr said...

And a blast it was!! bunch of women, some with husbands some came wihout, great desserts, alcohol, a great band and most important of all friendship.
We have 10 years to save up for Vegas.HAHA
Thanks for turning 40!

Angela said...

Happy happy and many more! Welcome to the club. :)

AreWeThereYet? said... that IS a good idea. Hmmmm...

Indy said...

I love this photo. Totally captures how giddy we got!

Anonymous said...


Laura said...

I keep checking for a new update -but it isn't here. She must need inspired . . . or a little free time. :) I think Vegas would be a great idea for inspiration.