Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Spontaneous Tradition

We have this “spontaneous tradition,”
(To speak of it smacks of sedition)
We take some unplanned day,
Throw most rules away,
And out comes this year’s rendition.

The first year we biked 15 miles,
That’s one lap around Kelley’s Isle.
We were relaxed this time,
A mile per granddad’s chime,
But we didn’t cut corners on smiles.

Kids love climbing on those big rocks,
Down by those rough hewn old docks,
They found a very big snake
That wrangled back to the lake.
I prefer animals with legs that can walk!

We stopped by for some great ice cream and –
Some time in the surf and the sand.
I had better not gloat,
But we always make that last boat,
Back home to Ohio’s main land.

And, of course, it is a good thing that I didn't have to drive across that water because those three ounces of gasoline would not have been enough to make it.



AreWeThereYet? said...

Always the best day of the summer.

Flea said...

I'm so glad you made it home. LOL!

amyjr said...

I love how this untraditional tradtional trip takes place. You guys are an inspiration and one day I hope to follow in your bike path:-D

Laura said...

Great Pictures - Love It - and agree on the best day of summer. The kids had a blast - and so did I!

Unknown said...

hi, it was great time, Neck Ache , thanks