Tuesday, September 30, 2008

The first walks, the second falls, the third is pushed

I have always quipped: we carry our first down the stairs, the second one falls down the steps, the first two push that third one down when no one is looking.

It is too true.

My first, Andrew, loves information. He loves information so much, he expects to have fully detailed conversations about the pre-Cambrian explosion before breakfast. If you don’t happen to know the age of the earth, he will suggest you look it up.

“Go look on the internet, Mom! Uh, I mean, please could we look that up, Mom?” (4.5 B yrs)

My second one, Gladys, lives somewhat in the shadow of her brother. She wrestles better than most three-year-old girls. She comes to life on the soccer field. She used to sit on her younger brother, which caused him to be great at push-ups before he could walk. And, she has figured out that the best way to get Andrew to read you a book is to threaten to read one to him.

“Don’t worry, Andrew, I’ll just read one to YOU.”

She is solidly pre-reading, which in our case means she reads a few words and then tells the story however she likes it. But, she doesn’t get much of a chance, because Andrew will read it to her first, if she gets competitive.

George, my dear third child, is learning right along with them. He copies everything they do. When they read, he sits right next to them and pages through a book talking. His favorite game involves pulling letters off the refrigerator and banging them on anyone he can find until they tell him what letter it is. He will then repeat the letter and go get another one. Repeat. If you aren’t paying attention, expect a few bruises on your thighs from plastic letters. (Of course, I always pay complete attention to all my children, you believe that, don't you?)

He is such a persistent student. I take pride in my bruises.

But, just in case you forget that he is solidly the third child, please ask him to point to body parts.

He will point to his nose and say “nose.”

He will point to his eyes and say “eyes.”

He will point to his ears and say “eyes.”

He will touch his head and say “ow!”


Anonymous said...

It's such a relief when you discover your child wants to learn. Your observant descriptions bring them alive on the page.

OHmommy said...

"Ow." That is the best and it made me giggle out loud. ;)

Rachel said...

I love the different personalities of kids! The computer look up tooo funny; sounds familair...LOL

Badass Geek said...

Nothing like friendly competition to keep things interesting! My two sisters and I were horrible like that growing up.

*Moi* said...

OMG. How true is that? When I was a kid, my mom says that I always used to practically stalk my sister and copy everything she did. Mom only had to potty train one kid though. :)