Monday, September 8, 2008

Republican mom point of view

I am diving in, two feet first. After reading the posts suggested on the Silicon Valley Mom’s blog, I do feel that the Republican point of view is underrepresented. I am no more a political expert than the other bloggers, but let me lend some additional thoughts. (Since I have already written several pages and am now editing, it appears this post will have to be split over several days).

Sarah Palin as a mom, just like us?

Sarah Palin delivered a fabulous speech. I haven’t read a single blog, or spoken to anyone, who could argue differently. We are in agreement. She has presence, charisma, confidence, intellect, and courage. These are all important traits of a good leader. Of course, those are not the only traits of a good leader.

Sarah Palin is a mother of five children. Most people seem to agree that the fact that she is a mother should not play directly into a voter’s decision. However, having been a mother, most people make certain assumptions about her stance on issues. I would be careful. I once watched an interview of a mother who had encouraged her son to become a suicide bomber. Wow. All mothers are not alike.

The argument that running for VP somehow lessens her stance as a mother is ludicrous to me. She has a perfectly good husband. He looked very comfortable with that 4-month old. Please do not insult the dads of this world by implying that he could not fulfill the primary role of parenting, if he is indeed taking on that role. I even heard that she went back to work a few days after her baby was born. That is a little surprising, but only because it is very typical of a father and less typical of a mother. What should be more surprising is that she can balance the budget of the State of Alaska while pregnant.

People often forget that the Lewis and Clark expedition was guided by Sacagawea. She was pregnant for the first half of her journey. On the second half, she toted an infant.

Certainly, Gov. Palin’s requirements in the role of VP will be demanding. It will take away from her time with her children. That would not be the choice of most stay at home moms. Obviously, if we thought that was the right choice for us, we wouldn’t be stay-at-home moms. But, isn’t America about choices? She should be able to make her own choices. I am making the assumption that she didn’t abandon her child after three days, she merely put the child in the care of other capable hands. Truly, the job of governor is not a part-time position either. She has probably worked out her child-care issues. Lots of people work hard, put their children in capable child-care, and have much less glorious jobs.

Most people agree to leave Gov. Palin’s pregnant daughter out of the discussion. I think the most important point is how she has handled the situation. Gov. Palin does not believe in abortion. Whether her daughter agrees with her and has made her own decision or not may never be completely clear, but at least there is consistency. Presumably, her daughter holds the same basic values as her mother.

Would you have done something different than Gov. Palin? It is personally difficult for me to imagine anyone recommending abortion. Really? If oh-my-goodness the unimaginable happened and your daughter got pregnant, you would recommend abortion? That is your grandchild we are talking about. You wouldn’t offer to help her? Really? Wow. Moms are all different.

On the flip side, if your daughter decided on abortion, would you forgive her? I would. I would hold a deep, deep sadness in my heart. Forever. But, I would forgive her. It is their choice. We just try and hope and pray that they make the better choice. Hopefully, they have enough chances to make good choices long before they are faced with such a huge and terrible decision.

It is also difficult for me to imagine withholding birth control and the appropriate education surrounding it. Yes, I’ve heard that Gov. Palin wants an abstinence only education. I do not agree with an abstinence only education. I plan on telling my children about their options. I will even encourage them to tell their friends. (Watch out, conservative neighbors). In fact, if abstinence only education were the norm in our schools, I might accidentally drop boxes of condoms around the parking lot of the high school, with directions if necessary. (Hopefully, if I get arrested for littering, one of my so-called liberal friends will post my bail).

That was a silly thing to say. I am Catholic. Abstinence is a much better choice. Not getting in car accidents is also the best choice, but I still put my kids in car seats. What is a mother to do? Just pray?

It is our job to protect our children. It is our job to make the country the best place for them to pursue THEIR happiness. That is what we should do. We should all vote with our hearts in the right place. We should check all the issues. Think about what is truly best, not about whether or not we want to invite the candidate for dinner. Then decide.

Feel free to disagree with me. You are still my friend. That’s what America is all about.


OHmommy said...

Truly from your heart E-momma. Nicely done.

Anonymous said...

Well, do you feel better for getting some of that steam out?

Indy said...

I used to be a Republican. I was for many, many years. I was even in the college Republican's club in college. But, I have become more liberal with my old age. My whole family (except Aldee) and my in-laws are Republicans. I can honestly say I am tired of talking about it and defending what I believe in. I hear what you are saying. Yes, Palin is a woman. But my beliefs are so different from hers. My sister and her husband were hoping it would change my mind when McCain picked her. It didn't. I really like McCain. I've always liked him and I appreciate his honesty. So... I really don't want to spend any time talking about political issues with my friends. I get beat up enough with my family. Hope you understand. And don't worry, if you get into trouble passing out those condoms, I will bail you out. I know a good attorney.

enthalpymama said...

Thanks, ladies.

Indy - Don't worry about it. You are more than welcome to ignore my banter if you wish. I don't take things personally as a rule.

Scatterbrain - I'm not sure. I just walked out of a pta budget meeting and I logged on to distract myself from small-time fundraisers. I probably shouldn't re-read what I posted.

Jessica said...

I send kudos your way for documenting your true feelings. My biggest gripe about politics is people backing a candidate, any candidate, with only partial information. My mother-in-law came for dinner this weekend and was praising Palin which is great except her facts were wrong. My husband corrected her and she said "well that isn't what I heard." Heard where? From whom? Seriously? This is America. Everyone is entitled to vote at 18. I just hope people vote after deciding on issues..and not (in your words) dinner guests.

Anonymous said...

Cool. Love the way you think.

AreWeThereYet? said...

You Go Girl.

CRigg said...

Nicely stated. I am not a republican, but it's nice to see some level-headedness to your reasoning, unlike some other right-wing articles I've been reading these days.

THE Stephanie said...

Great post E-mama! I'd like to invite YOU to dinner!! lol

Robin said...

Hi. I don't agree with everything but I do like the way you thought it out and presented it. I don't know why people think that all women and mothers should be exactly alike and agree on everything.

You actually went to a PTA budget meeting? You are braver than I am.

Anonymous said...

The irony of it is this: Palin's daughter made the choice to have the baby. Great! I'm all for choice. But this is the same choice that Palin's trying to take away from all other women. That, I have a huge issue with.