Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Sandal Installation

I believe my father said it first.

“Honey, you don’t really wear clothes, you install them.”

I guess it is time to admit that it is true. I find something I like, something classic, of great quality, comfortable, and attractive, and I wear it. I wear it Every Day. (Until, unfortunately, it may not be so attractive anymore, oops). I have gone years without owning more than one pair of shorts at a time. I mostly wear skirts and dresses in the summer, with my favorite pair of sandals. I wear mostly skirts and jeans in the winter, with my favorite pair of boots.

That is who I am.

On Monday, Ohmommy teased me about my seven-year-old sandals. When my side started hurting from laughing and I finally settled down, I felt quite smug because my sandals are not really seven years old. And, by the way, I already had purchased replacements for them just this past week.

The salesman at Nordstrom salivated when he saw me walk in with my old Cole Haan sandals. He recognized immediately that they hadn’t sold that style for at least six years or so. I had bought the very last pair and they were on sale – so they are about six and a half years old.

I left having ordered a pair in my size, because even Nordstrom doesn’t carry many narrow shoes anymore.

Unfortunately, they are still in the box. I haven’t worn them yet. I might even take them back. As you can tell from the picture, they are a huge departure from my previous sandals. I am not sure society will withstand the shock.

They aren’t even brown.

See, I'm not really that practical. These sandals are not even older than my minivan.

Should I trade them in for brown, really? I mean, after only three years a light color will look shabby, I need them to last at least five years or so. Tee hee hee.


OHmommy said...

I was just teasing.

I think every mother should invest in herself as much as she can. I have found super cute sandals at Target for less then the cost of a coffee that made me feel new and special. But that's just my thing.

If my husband didn't know this before marrying me, he does now. If Mama is happy with herself then everyone is.

Enjoy your new sandals. I love the color.

Just so you know. I am *ths* close to the computer screen typing my words. I can't see very well. That's how much I like you. Tee hee...

Badass Geek said...

I'm not much of a sandals person.

Sneakers for me, year-round.

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Indy said...

I get very attached to certain shoes and clothes. When I read OHmommy's comment, I said "ouch" to myself and read it to Mike. Try the new shoes on in the house and make sure that they are you. It would be heatbreaking to not love them and have to replace them with a brown pair that you adore.

Brigette said...

The old sandals look more comfortable. I have more shoes than you, but a lot fewer than many of my girlfriends, who have what I consider an absurd number of shoes and purses.

I, OTOH, have what they consider an absurd number of different types of flour, oil, vinegar, nuts, sugar, salt, and just about any other pantry staple you can imagine.

Anonymous said...

I'm just like you about my shoes. Buy the best you can afford and if they're comfortable and not falling apart, what's the point in replacing them?

It is nice to have more than one pair though - and apparently better for your feet to have some variety.

AreWeThereYet? said...

I tend to agree with OHmommy. But also can fly with Indy. Either way, at the end of the day, MIT MOmmy needs new shoes. So try baby steps.

Wear them in the house and get used to looking down at them. Then when you are in love with them, take them out with wreckless abandon. However, it may be time to get new sandals every 3 years or so....6 years form now you can wear these, a pair you picked up a few yrs back,or BUY ANOTHER PAIR. Suddenly you will be drunk with options while still being conservative and practical. Enjoy!

Chickadee said...

Like OHMommy, I enjoy the occasional (or frequent, if you're asking my husband) "splurge" at Target for some new sandals, etc. But I also know that, when push comes to shove, it's your smile, your wit and your friendship that I notice about you. Not your shoes :-)

Angela said...

I love your old sandals!! I also don't give mine up easily. This year I had to finally throw away a 10 year old pair of Bear Traps because I wore the heel down so much that I tilted backwards. I even lived with them after I accidentally splashed bleach on them doing laundry which left light brown spots!

Speaking of sandals, I just bought some yesterday! But because I needed something to wear to a outdoor wedding, I was torn between a pair of sensible Naturalizers flats and a flashy no name brand with lots of straps and a wedge heel. And since the bride is in fashion design, I went with the strappy number. It's probably going to kill my feet, but at least I'll impress my girly girl daughter for one day.

Now that I see yours, I'm going to have to get those oh so comfy Naturalizers...

MIT Mommy said...

Yes, OHmommy, I know you were teasing. I also know you can barely see, which is why I jumped when you waved to me from your minivan on the main road this week. Tee hee.

I LOVE all the advice, and I have to admit you are making me feel better about the sandals. I WISH I could find a pair of sandals in Target that fit, but my feet are very narrow and regular with sandals either fall off or simply look rediculous.

I will wear these around the house, first. I bet you'll see me in them soon.