Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The Glue that Bonds

When Gladys and the new neighbor girl met, it was love at first sight. They have met at the bus stop every morning since, presumably to give fond wishes to their elder brothers before they board the school bus.

We know better.

This morning, they skipped off towards our house like sisters, knowing their mothers' weakness - sharing coffee and conversation, at least until someone comes to their senses and realizes the day ought to have begun an hour ago.

This morning the girls played beautifully as usual. Tess is a full two and a half years younger than Gladys, so they literally play like sisters. Since they had played at Tess's house previously, I encouraged Mary to start her day. She had very decadent and frivolous plans that included waiting for the service man. Off she went.

Since we are leaving on our big vacation tomorrow, and I have many loose ends to tie, I began running feverishly tying loose ends. I checked on the children frequently, changing their activity. When they chose to color, I brought down the art box and stickers, and scurried back upstairs to continue my progress.

Only a mad woman (or me, in a pre-vacation tizzy) would leave a 4-year-old and two 2-year olds alone with an art box in the kitchen.


Attempting to maintain my composure, and having no concept of the actual damage, I took a few quick pictures of George eating nuts on the wet floor. I found out a few moments later, that the girls had decided that glue looks like soap.

They "washed" the kitchen table, the chairs, the dish cabinet, the window, the light switch, and even put a line of glue along the perimeter of the kitchen floor. Mary described it as, well, 'an interesting caulking job.' An hour later I found glue in the cap of the open peanut butter jar.

Of course, there was no choice but to forgive them their error. After all, I discovered them in the process of rinsing their soap.

Sure. Wash, then rinse, it makes perfect sense.

All that water on the kitchen floor came from the toilet.

Mary and I proceeded to clean up the mess. We bonded in a way that Elmer's never intended. We are now officially friends.

It's a good thing too, because I am all out of glue.


Indy said...

My mouth is wide open and I am shaking my head. Oh man!

Flea said...

Look at those eyes. How could you not forgive that face?

I am SO glad my kids are past that stage. Now I need to focus on teaching them to drive ...

Fry said...

You are wonderful to think, "GRAB THE CAMERA" in moments like these. Making a memory out of a mess:)
I have a feeling this is the first chapter in the story "The Adventures of Gladys and Tess".....

Badass Geek said...

That picture is just... hilarious.

Angela said...

Wow, talk about disaster before vacation! Good thing it makes a great blog post. Have a great vaca!!

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

Oh NO, say it ain't SO.

Yeah, pretty much that face would forgive it all for me too.