Wednesday, June 3, 2009

A Mild Panic

I woke up this morning in a mild panic.

School ends next week. It is, shall we say, the beginning of the end.

George stopped napping the day Gladys’ preschool ended. That had been my last respite – George napped while Gladys was at school 1½ hours per week, three times a week. He refused to nap in her presence, and who could blame him? Her ability to entertain him goes unmatched by anything the toy companies could hope to invent.

Gladys is home. George no longer naps.

It was the beginning of the end.

And so, I woke up this morning in a mild panic.

Soon enough, Andrew will hop off of his bus for summer break. Except for two weeks of half-day camp for Andrew, my three children will be my uninterrupted chaperones for nearly three months. For five weeks of that time (plus several weekends) we will live out of a 26-foot camper.

I have heard “That which does not kill you makes you strong.”

Few mothers would argue the justification for my panic. They may wonder why it was merely mild.

I considered the two organizations that should demand my attention this summer. I should set some dates, complete some follow-up, call for volunteers, and send some e-mails.

I contemplated the new camper: the projects to complete, the packing to do, the pre-departure housecleaning and mail stoppage and camp forms and teacher gifts and bills to pay.

I was in a mild panic. I called a girlfriend.

“Read your blog. Read it from last summer.”

Read my own blog?

I did. I read this. Then I remembered why I write, why I stay at home, and why my oldest only goes to a few camps that are most important to him.

“Mo-om!!! Gladys has George under a laundry basket and is sitting on the laundry basket and won’t get off!”

And, as much as it tried, the panic didn’t quite come back.


OHmommy said...

Those pictures reminded me that it's strawberry season. Must go find a farm online right now and plan a trip. I forgot how much fun that is. Love the summer.

Flea said...

Aaaaand ... you're grateful that you don't homeschool, being with them 365/24/7.

You have adorable kids. Your camping trip will be stuff of legend. The kids, in their old age, will say, "Remember that summer mom's hair went completely white?"

Badass Geek said...

It'll go by in a flash. You just wait.

AreWeThereYet? said...

You are so awesome at summer withthe kids! It will be a blast!

Indy said...

We'll all get through this together.

MamaGeek @ Works For Us said...

It DOES go by so fast. You'll blink and WHOOSH - gone!

MIT Mommy said...

OHmommy - Just don't pick that place we took the kids two years ago. They didn't allow children in their strawberry patch. I'm still in shock.

Flea - I could not homeschool. I can assure you that would be very unhealthy for everyone involved.

Yes, it will go by in a flash.

And, yes, Indy, I promise I will take the boys once the baby comes. Anyway, it will keep mine busy too.