Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Day 5 - Colter Bay

This is Colter Bay at Grand Tetons National Park in Wyoming. The bay is breathtaking. But, wait a minute, I left you at Walmart yesterday.

Goodmorning! This is me with George on Monday, June 15th in Riverton, Wyoming. We had a delightful night's stay at Walmart. As you can tell, we took the upgrade to the quiet side of the parking lot with the fantastic views.

I'm going to skid by much of mid-Wyoming. However, in spite of the gray, overcast day and relatively dry landscape, the colors popped. They were just in unexpected places.
I did not write much in my journal that day. The mountains were beautiful. A bird pooped on me. The battery in the camper died, so Jay went to buy a new one (and George and I hung out at Colter Bay).

George and I sat together for a long time on the dock, waiting for the others to return from finding a battery. We pointed out the pretty boats and threw small stones into the water.

We talked.

"Do you see the mountains, George? Where are the mountains?"

He looked at me.

"The mountains, George, where are the mountains?"

When was the last time we saw mountains, in the distance? You know, ones you could point at? Surely, we drive through the Appalachian Mountains frequently enough, but I don't believe he remembers seeing any mountains like the Grand Tetons. Surely, he must have seen mountains.

"Those are mountains, George. See the mountains?" I pointed.

George learned many new words on our trip. I wonder if they remember them even better when they see it for themselves, instead of in books.

Maybe. I heard him say 'yellow' for the first time too. Or, maybe he had said it before, and I finally took the time to hear it.

I did not spend a lot of time wondering about it. I just had a really nice day.

We took the boat cruise.

We took a walk.

We looked at the water.

We laughed.

We ran fast.
And, we actually stayed at a campsite.


Indy said...

Beautiful views.

Badass Geek said...

Those mountains... just beautiful.

Flea said...

That looks like SO MUCH fun! LOVE the very first photo. :)

Brigette said...

Beautiful pictures. You and your family will have so many nice memories from this trip. Someday I won't have an infant or be pregnant and will do things like this.

But in hotels.

AreWeThereYet? said...

you lost me at needing a new battery....but it was all in a days journey for you. Good for you!

*Moi* said...

No WAY! In a campsite? Not at a Wal Mart?