Thursday, July 16, 2009

The Grand Tetons

I took this shot with my regular old Canon camera.

The morning we entered the Grand Tetons, my children were having the usual conversation.

“Where are we going?” Gladys asked, mostly for sport I supposed.

“The Grand Tetons, Gladys, we TOLD you that,” Andrew said immediately.

“What’s a Teton?”

“A mountain. The Grand Tetons are mountains,” Andrew replied in his all-knowing almost-seven-years-old sort of way.

I listened nonchalantly. “I wonder if there was someone named Teton.” I thought aloud. Yeah, I was imagining us learning about this man named Teton.

My husband gave me that look. You know, that ‘why are you saying that out loud’ kind of look.


“I thought you took French.”

“I did take French,” I replied, “Six years of French.”

“So, in all that time, you never learned the word teton?” he said with the kind of emphasis that explains everything quite clearly.

“Oh, no, I think only the boys learned those kinds of words.”

“If you think of it in a historical perspective,” Jay went on. “You have to imagine that the first European explorers who came through here had been on their horses for a very, very long time. I don’t suspect they brought their wives.”

“Probably not, I agreed,” and we both laughed. It wasn’t until we saw the far side of the mountains in Idaho that we agreed they really do look a bit like ‘tetons.’

“What, Mom?” Andrew asked.

“You’re right, honey, the Grand Tetons are mountains,” I replied in an all-knowing nearly-40 more-na├»ve-than-she-likes-to-admit sort of way. I imagined my second-grader on the first day of school writing a report 'what I saw on my vacation'. Hmm. What would he title that I wonder?

Our last morning in the Grand Tetons, we woke up early to look for animals. Wild animals are always more active in the morning and evening, and morning tends to be the best time for viewing, because traffic is light.

This is a homo-sapien familiere of the Ohio class. Yes, he got a few good shots out there. The kids, still groggy and in their pajamas, thought my pointing out 'Daddy' as an animal I spotted was simply hilarious. The picture would NOT be better if he had been a moose. At least not in my opinion.

The area saw a lot of rain this year. This trail was washed out, but we took pictures anyway.

I loved watching the kids go exploring.

They discovered many new plants. This one I don't recall seeing myself - red asparagus?

Gladys and George enjoyed this gorgeous spot.

We could see the bottom of the lake so clearly, you can hardly see the water!

My children threw several tons of stones into the bottom of that lake in the course of an hour or so.

Here are the snooty photographers who we stood next to for probably 30 minutes and would not make eye contact with us. We found them before 6am at this spot, which is where I took the picture on the top of this post. We were not in their way. I can only imagine our lenses were not big enough for their taste. Or, perhaps they had spent a great deal of money on their photography tour, only to find a few Joe Shmoes found the same spot down that dirt road with their 4x4.

Okay, their pictures were probably better - but we had WAY more fun.

If there were dirt roads to be travelled, we found them, often at 5:30am.

Good bye, Grand Tetons! By the end of the day, we were in Yellowstone.

I think I had told people we were 'going to Yellowstone' on vacation. Was this a trip to Yellowstone? By this time, I had forgotten.


OHmommy said...

I've looked into taking one of the snotty photography tours out West before, by myself. ;) Not a better spot for one. Lovely.

Badass Geek said...

That first picture is absolutely beautiful.

Brigette said...

I studied French in both high school and college, and read it well enough to read a book or newspaper without a dictionary at hand, and to pass my grad school French competency exam without studying, and I still didn't realize that the Grand Tetons meant the Big Tits. You're right -- it's a guy thing.

Brigette said...

PS Oooh, la la! That first photo est si belle!

Indy said...

This will provide you and your hubby with many cute little inside jokes for the rest of your life. LOL.

MIT Mommy said...

OHmommy - Too bad you weren't there, you are classy enough to have at least given a polite nod of recognition.

Badass - Thank you. That means a lot coming from a fabulous photographer.

Brigette - Yeah. Exactly. I didn't look it up on line because I don't want 'big tits' in my cookies.

Indy - Our lives are the sums of our little jokes.

Angela said...

Gorgeous shot! Just proves you don't need a fancy camera and snooty attitude. I went to the Grand Tetons when I was around 5, but my parents didn't know what it meant and I never thought to ask.

Brigette said...

I didn't look it up on line because I don't want 'big tits' in my cookies.

I had to read this twice before I realized what kind of cookies you were talking about. That's what happens when you bake more than you blog, which lately I have done.

AreWeThereYet? said...

Simply gorgeous! What awesome memories.

Unknown said...

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