Saturday, October 24, 2009

Business Card

I began to wonder how I could possible catch up after having fallen off the face of the blogging earth for nearly three weeks. I stopped wondering. I decided to start in the middle.

I created a business card for myself the other day. You know, those little cards people give to one another in business-like situations? That’s right. I have one.

I returned from MIT a few weeks ago with a long list of ‘things to do.’ I could flip back a few pages in my calendar and even look at my list. I won’t bother you with the details, but let us just recognize that it is long. Most of it is done. Some of it is in progress. The rest will take the rest of my life and become part of my journey.

I make lists like that when I have time, which is why I try not to sit still very long.

In any case, I made myself a business card on the recommendation of several very respectable people who both have my best interest in mind and appeared honestly appalled that I could not produce one upon request. I had the good fortune of collecting a few cards on my trip, one of which turned out to be the inspiration for my card.

A retired man, who happens to be from near my hometown, produced it upon request. It gave me all of the information I needed and made me smile. That seemed like a good format.

So, in roughly 20 minutes, I managed to make myself a business card. A few hours later, I enjoyed great conversation with some very interesting people at a very business-like dinner. We were having great fun discussing some very good (and other not-so-very good) entrepreneurial ideas. Towards the end of dinner, the gentleman next to me offered me his business card.

“Ha!” I thought immediately. “I can play that game!”

And, so, I provided him my very hastily made business card. He nodded, smiled, and seemed genuinely pleased to have met me. In fact, he enjoyed the card so much that the woman sitting across from me wanted to play too.

So, I gave her a card. (She didn’t have one – shame on her!)

She looked at it. She read it. She finally looked up.

“You seem to do quite a few things. Is there anything else I should know about you?”

“I’m an anonymous blogger,” I offered with a smile.

“I suppose you can’t really put that on a business card,” the man next to me said, as soon as we all regained composure.

So, Mr. Man-sitting-next-to-me who was discussing the entrepreneurial ideas. I finally have it!

I need a self-destructing business card.

(Or, perhaps more likely, a less dubious profession, but what’s the fun in that?).


Anonymous said...

I guess you can't post the card because you would no longer be an anonymous blogger. Perhaps you could make a second card which is blank, except for the phrase, "anonymous blogger."


MIT Mommy said...

Jeff - I'll get right on it. Actually, I really need something like that for next time I see them. I'm sure the humor would not be wasted.

Indy said...

Glad you are back!

Angela said...

Ah, the freedom of be outed allows you to create a bloggy business card with your name on it! Then again, I have a work one with the much more respectable "Technology Team Leader" title on it. And I failed to give you either of mine when I met you!

MIT Mommy said...

Indy - You actually talk to me in real life, so you know what I am doing anyway. But, I don't think I had told you this tale. And, I hardly consider myself "back" until I have more time to read. I'll probably be writing very sparsely until after my trip (and I will write about that).

Angela - Yes, I failed to get your business card, but then I didn't have one to offer at that point either. I'll have to get myself "outed" or just make up a 'real name' like some people do. Ah well, every solution simply causes different problems. People 100 years ago used to carry 'calling' cards. I think we should bring a rebirth to that fashion - except we'll put them in recycling after we link up in cyberspace.=)

Brigette said...

I have business cards in my purse at all times. I did for many years when I worked, then when I moved to NM and became a SAHM I felt a little odd about having them made at first, but once I did, I realized how crazy it had been not to have them. They are dirt cheap to have printed, and save you the trouble of endlessly writing down your e-mail address and URL. Everyone should have them, employed or not.

Magpie said...

I like that - self-destructing cards.

Emily said...

Shocked that I was asked for a business card just last night! Guess that I need to follow your lead!

Anna said...

I haven't ever been asked for a business card. But, then again, I am still 12 and I'm pretty sure it's illegal for a child that's 12 years old to be, you know, working.

Anonymous said...

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