Thursday, October 29, 2009

Survey Says . . .

This morning, in my over-tired, fighting with satin Halloween costumes, getting ready for an important trip, over-committed, bad cold threating to become a sinus-infection sort of way, I decided to make coffee. I drink coffee most mornings. I know, it's a bad habit, but as far as vices go it seems relatively mild. I often think I am addicted to the stuff, but then I get too busy and forget to make it.

I doubt people forget to smoke.

The morning did not go as smoothly as some, so I was brewing coffee as I ran out the door. This seemed like a judicious plan that would prevent me from the $5 coffee at the local drive-thru coffee shop. I imagined a nice cup of coffee when I returned home with only one child in tow.

When I returned home, the coffee maker had been turned off. (My husband is home sick, poor guy).

This leads me to the survey.

Turning off a woman's coffee maker, before she has a cup of coffee should be interpreted as:

a) an honest mistake, to be dismissed with a Christian heart.

b) a prudent reaction to a potential fire hazard.

c) domestic violence.

d) a crime against humanity.

There may be more than one correct answer, but I suspect there is at least one wrong one.


Indy said...

Love this post. So funny! I would vote that he is concerned about fire safety. He probably couldn't tell if you had a cup or not. I know that when Mike makes coffee I have no idea if I should leave it on or not.

I love that you said that people don't forget to smoke. They probably have packs stashed everywhere so they can sneak them in. And as far as vices are concerned, your habit is on the fairly tame side. Now, if you start adding whiskey to it, we'll have to talk (or I will start joining you for coffee).

Unknown said...

obviously a crime against humanity only to be pardoned by an immediate trip to starbucks, and chocolate.

Flea said...

Ok, wait. Seriously? You left a pot of coffee sitting while you ran out? To have that burnt, bitter taste when you returned? I'd say he did the right thing, that microwaved coffee won't taste much worse.

A French press, woman. Get a French press.

Barry said...

My coffee maker turns itself off when it is done making the coffee.
But then, it deposits the coffee in a stainless steel thermos style carafe, using insulation to keep it warm instead of pumping more heat into it.
We have the technology!

MIT Mommy said...

Indy - Yes, definitely fire safety in his case. I promise that if I start putting whiskey in it I will invite you. We'll have to start acting like old Irish women at some point.

Ivette - I think I need to take my big, gas guzzling truck for that trip to make it all worthwhile. I like how you think.

Flea - The truth is that I have a French press and even the mechanism to make the appropriate grind. I bring it on the road. I like to have fancy coffee when I sleep in parking lots.

Barry - I also have a single cup Keurig machine. There really isn't much excuse, although I think the reflection in the coffee pot explains everything.

Brigette said...

I have the same kind of coffee maker as Barry -- which means I can take the thermal carafe with me in the car and have my coffee on the road, with refills! A real addict doesn't have any other kind.

Anonymous said...

There is no greater sadness than to reach for a carafe of piping hot coffee and discover it's a pot of cold. No wait, there is: Monday at 6 a.m. I poured a cup of cold, 24-hour old coffee - without realizing - and drank a nice rank swallow. Took an hour to get the taste out of my mouth.

Anna said...

Ivette: Yes! Chocolate! You are a genius! Chocolate (just like bacon) fixes eVeRyThInG!

Magpie said...


On the other hand, I have been known to grind the beans, load the coffee pot, and forget to turn it on. Argh.