Wednesday, August 13, 2008

George learns a new word

There is constant conversation in my house. People are always talking. Most of the time, several people are talking at once. Even George, who only has a few words, talks all the time. We aren’t sure what he is saying, but I am sure he is sure what he is saying. His words now include: Mama, Dada, all done, ball, mine, and no. Since he only has about six words or so, he rarely asks very difficult questions. I rarely have time to think my own thoughts without being asked a question. George is always refreshing.

I thought I would have time to think today, but mostly I just talked to the kids while I rode my bike. We went over 11 miles on the bicycles, it was a beautiful ride in the fresh air. I said “oh really,” about 60 times per mile. In between, I had to think of reasonable answers to seemingly random questions.

I was amazed at how many comments I received from people I have never met too. I am a pretty friendly person. I tend to make eye contact and give a polite ‘hello.’ I’ll even make a pleasant remark now and then. Today, just having my children talk to me was not enough, everyone else talked to me too.

When I was putting the bicycles on the back of the van in my own driveway, a person jogging by told me that it was going to rain.

“Looks like you might get wet,” he said.

“Oooh, aren’t they so cute in the trailer??” I got a lot of that.

“You even have healthy snacks for them.”

“Looks like you have your hands full.”

“What a busy mommy!” I got something like that a few times.

My kids said things like:

“Look, Mom, a cardinal. What kind of animal is that one?”

“How much further until lunch?”

“Why are those cinder blocks there? Maybe they had a pig roast?”

“On our left is the such-and-such river. The river is over there, why is this bridge here over the bulrushes?”

“How many different kinds of trees do you need to have a mixed forest?”

“I think Uranus’ East pole is hot. Well, if it’s going around with the sun on its left side. If it’s going around the other way, I guess it would be the West pole. Which way does Uranus go around the sun?” (We weren’t talking about astronomy. Where do these things come from?)

“Baba gla da ba! Mama.” Ah, yes, sweet, sweet George. He always has some words of wisdom for me.

When we arrived home, we were all a little tired. I am used to being with the kids all day. I love them all dearly. I often describe being with them as the feeling of standing in a stiff wind. It’s not so much that it is really tiring, it was just in your face all day long and it feels good when the wind stops for a moment. If it stops for too long, you go looking for a fresh breeze again. My husband typically puts the older two to bed and I take George. He enjoys talking to the older kids. I enjoy having a little quiet time with my sweet one-year-old.

But, then it happened. We were getting ready for bed.

“No, no, George, not now,” I said.

He looked at me with those sweet eyes . . . “Why?”

Why?? Already?? Oh, oh, dear, sweet George, not yet.

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