Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Lucky Pencil

"Mo-om!" Andrew called. "Could you get down the pencil box so I can find my lucky pencil?"

We were getting ready to do homework.

"Andrew, which one is your lucky pencil??" Gladys asked, excited to hear this tantalizing information.

I felt my stomach tighten. "Great," I thought. "It is late afternoon and my kids will be fighting over a rediculous pencil. This is all I need. Think quick."

And then, Andrew answered.

"My lucky pencil is whichever pencil is lucky enough to be chosen by ME."

"Great! I'm going to choose MY lucky pencil too!" Gladys chimed in cheerfully.

Have yourself a very, very lucky day everyone!


Flea said...

You have great kids! I'd say you're the lucky one.

Love the new look!

Indy said...

Love the new look. Definitely more like the real E. I know! Love the new photo too.

Badass Geek said...

I have a lucky pen... Not that it brings me luck, just that I like the way it writes.

I've seen a couple different versions of the new design, but I'm liking this one the best!

MIT Mommy said...

Thanks guys!!

OHmommy said...

Your new photo rocks.

And so do your kids. Can't wait to see you rock more.

Anonymous said...

I imagine all the pencils lining up saying 'Pick meee! Pick me!'

Did you do this blog design yourself?