Friday, January 30, 2009

Ranchero Venezuela

I try not to pigeonhole my children. Certainly, I imagine that they will be doctors, lawyers, engineers, perhaps the President of the United States. I am their mother. I can tell you with certainty that they rank far above average, show uncanny brilliance, and will be successful in anything they attempt. That is my job.

My first born, particularly, might as well be Mozart as far as I am concerned. Just ask me. Much to my surprise, he received a guitar from his loving grandparents for Christmas. Yes, he has asked for a guitar in the past, but I have not passed this information on to anyone. I have made it clear to him that he must master the piano before taking on another musical instrument. (I know, what a mean parent).

So, when my young musical prodigy received a guitar, he immediately recalled that his piano teacher also gives instruction in guitar. He plays his guitar all the time. He walks around the house strumming it, sometimes picking out parts of a tune. He insisted on bringing his guitar to piano lesson.

“But Mom, he teaches guitar, he can teach me how to play this. Right now it sounds beautiful, but I can barely play a song on it.”

Heavy sigh.

He ran into the family room to grab the guitar on his way out the door. He keeps it very carefully in the box it came in. It is a very special item. He carried it carefully out the door.

In a similar manner, my first-born son convinced me to enroll him in Spanish lessons just last week. How do you say no to a child who desperately wants to learn a foreign language?

So, my first-born son, walking quickly-but-carefully into the Arts Center for his guitar/piano lesson, confessed his plan.

“Mom, just think, we can go to Mexico and I’ll get a job playing guitar in a restaurant!”

Oh, and why is his name Ranchero Venezuela?

For the same reason that Sally, I mean Gladys, is Fonsero Venezuela.

I am sure it is all in the plan. Sometimes, they even tell their mother.


Flea said...

What an ambitious young man you're raising! You should be so proud. Better than POTUS any day of the week.

My middle son received a student guitar from his grandparents for his eighth birthday. We never got lessons for him. I regret it to this day. Of course, he didn't take piano either.

Badass Geek said...

Music is a great thing for kids to learn. I am grateful for my parents to give me that opportunity when I was growing up.

Anonymous said...

He looks so cute in his jim-jams - when he's a famous guitar player you'd get a bundle for that photo!

Badass is so right. All my sons teenage angst vanished when he picked up his first guitar in August 2008 - it changed his life - he gained so much confidence and hardly every goes on his playstation now.

Anonymous said...

You've changed the look of your blog again - it's lovely. But I noticed you don't have a blogroll any more either.

Indy said...

As someone who has taken lessons in lots of instruments and have never mastered any of them, let him follow his heart. When it comes to the arts, you may never know where his true talent lies if he doesn't go looking for it. Even if it is in Mexico.

MotheringMatters2Me said...

He wants to grow up and play in a mariachi band. Precious. Believe it or not, that was a topic on NPR tonight. I think the next fam vaca should be to Mexico. Or at least dinner out at a Mexican Restaurant.

MIT Mommy said...

splodge - You are right. I need to fix a lot of things on the blog, including the blogroll. I'll try to get that back up this week.

Mothering - Not sure we'll fit a Mexican restaurant into the budget this week. Maybe I'll manage to make some burritos and dig out my sombrero.