Thursday, January 15, 2009

School's out, Mommy's IN

School has been cancelled Friday due to arctic temperatures. Having grown up further South, my recollection is that school should be cancelled because it “might snow some.” But, since we already have over a foot or so of snow (who’s counting?) on the ground, I guess nothing short of arctic temperatures slows down the people of Cleveland.

We rock even in subarctic temperatures.

And so I bring you my top 10 reasons why it is fun to raise kids in Cleveland in the winter:

1. If there is a hill, you have sledding.

2. The snow banks along the sidewalk keep your toddler from running into the street on the way to the bus stop. (Are you wondering if I defrosted that pancake before I gave it to him?)

3. After losing his gloves once before outdoor recess, my son no longer loses his gloves. Brrrrrrr.

4. Boots are much easier to pull on quickly than most regular children’s shoes.

5. If you are wearing boots, finding four pairs of matching socks is no longer necessary. (Shhh!!!)

6. After the soda pop can explodes in the back of your van, you have a ‘teachable moment’ in which to explain the expansion of ice and pressure formation. And, after the lesson, you can quickly clean the soda from the back of your van with a whisk broom. (I’m not kidding. It didn’t melt even after 40 minutes of running errands).

7. You can make ice cubes, quickly and efficiently, on your front porch. (This makes a great science experiment, is free, and takes less than an hour!) Try it with salt water too.

8. On days that are too cold to make a snowman (snow won’t stick into balls), you can fill a squeeze bottle with water and food coloring for snow painting fun!

9. Inspired by the marks left by our wheeled trash can, Gladys began making designs with her scooter. More winter fun!

10. And, after enjoying that wholesome winter wonderland, you can enjoy a dainty cup of hot chocolate.

Of course, when your toddler forgets the word "leaf" and doesn't believe green is a color of nature, you can take them all downtown to the Cleveland Botanical Gardens to refresh your senses. I can breathe that moist, humid air just thinking about it . . . .

Dress warmly. Enjoy the weather!


Badass Geek said...

Looks like a fun day!

I like making ice on the porch, too. It freezes much quicker than it does in the freezer.

Jessica said...

I saw a great winter wonderland activity in a magazine last month. Make colored ice cubes, hide them in your yard and have a scavenger hunt!

MIT Mommy said...

Badass - Yes, just watch out for those soda cans in your trunk!

Jess - Awesome idea! I'll have to add that one to my list. We might even be able to do it for Easter . . . yikes!

Flea said...

I love that dainty cup of hot chocolate. :) And love that you're enjoying your winter! I moved up from the deep south and people think I''m crazy for enjoying winter, but once deprived for so long, there's just nothing to compare, eh?

And yes, I noticed the name change. :)

Anonymous said...

Inventive! I'd like to experience that much snow...just not for too long.

Must run...for some inexplicable reason I have a yearning for a cup of hot chocolate.

Indy said...

I am impressed that you went out in this. I have a can of coke in my car. I better get it out RIGHT NOW!!!! Thanks!