Friday, January 23, 2009

Thorough Party Preparations (Gladys turning 4)

Gladys’ birthday party will be this Sunday, a brunch. I have thought of every detail. We have a fabulous menu: smoked ham, mushroom & swiss egg strata (casserole), homemade waffles, champagne punch . . . yummmmm.

This morning, Gladys and I made special paper flowers to decorate our home. She lovingly picked special colors and dedicated each flower to a different guest.

I have a fun, easy, and really cool craft planned (which will double as the goodie bag – I’m feeling so clever about that). We will bead scarves. Here is a picture of the “example.”

I am even making a special jumper for Gladys to wear, which she designed all by herself. She picked the color, drew the flowers (which I transferred to her choice of fabrics), and picked their ultimate locations on the jumper. I used the same simple pattern as her heart jumper from the first day of school.

So cute!!

As I was feeling rather posh and clever and generally rather full of myself, I noticed something in the corner. It was, you see, a very elegant and festive decorative item that I had spent a lot of time on in December.

But, unfortunately, even the most festive and elegant holiday decoration loses its luster come January. In fact, it even loses many of its pine needles. The words ‘fire hazard’ come to mind.

So, yesterday morning, January 22nd, I dragged our pitiful, dried out, tree out to the curb.

For the record, this is what a Hoover vacuum canister looks like after cleaning up from a tree that has witnessed two presidential administrations.

Go Hoover!

Okay, now we are ready for the party.

Well, another bottle of champagne wouldn’t hurt.


Badass Geek said...

Our Christmas decorations are still up. I'll probably get to taking them down by Spring.

Indy said...

Happy Birthday dear Gladys. Sounds like a wonderful birthday party.

Anonymous said...

You're probably clearing up as I type this - wish I'd been there.

Happy fourth birthday to you sweet Gladys.

Im2Sexy4MyVan said...

You are a woman whose strength is looking forward. The party will be/was awesome. Happy Birthday our sweet 4 year old.