Monday, November 10, 2008

Another Christmas, A different dress, A few short weeks

Gladys wore this dress (above) on her very first Christmas. A mother of two children created that dress. It is made out of a very expensive silk brocade. That mother fully lined the bodice and skirt. The rich, velvet bodice has a lined jacket to match, with the most perfect pink jewel button.

This is a picture of a little girl with an organized mother. Isn't she perfect??

In early December, the year of Gladys' second Christmas, her mother made her a baby brother instead of a Christmas dress. He is far more washable, which is fortunate.

On her second Christmas, Gladys donned a hand-me-down from a kind friend. I'm sure there is a picture of her in it smiling just as beautifully as she does in a handmade dress.

Last year, that mother had three children and made her another dress from a lovely piece of silk brocade. The velvet bodice brings out the green in her eyes. That mother of three did not have time to even think about a jacket to match. The unlined skirt meets the bodice at a hastily basted lining that no one will ever see.

The day that my dear Gladys was to wear that dress in a perfect Christmas card picture, her beautiful, washable little brother had conjunctivitis. I was trying to remember why we did not have a picture of this dress on our Christmas card last year. After reviewing our pictures, I wondered instead why we attempted to take pictures at all. Here he is complete with a swollen face. We would have had to say "Have a Merry Christmas, unlike poor George here, who is not feeling merry even a little bit."

We opted instead to send a picture of our children appearing like their happy selves.

And now, in just over a month, Christmas will come. This year, I am going to do something totally different. I am going to make a dress with a piece of striped silk, instead of a brocade. See how wild and crazy I am?

Gladys' grandfather (my dad) bought some silk somewhere in Asia over the past 10 years. Dad gave it to me a few months ago, along with a few other pieces. This particular piece speaks to me. Gladys loves "rainbow colors" and I could never find another piece of fabric with all of Gladys' favorite colors in a rich silk. Gladys loves it already.

This is my inspiration.

Now, all we need is lots of creativity, more hours than exist, and the patience of Mother Teresa, and we'll make it through this Christmas.

Ah, but Mother Teresa was much wiser than I am. She was the Mother to the multitudes, not merely three children.

She would make a sari.


Anonymous said...

Lucky girl, lovely dress, and super-hero mother!

How you find the time is beyond me, but the photos last forever and they'll appreciate all your hard work in the fullness of time.

I'm having mammoth problems with my own site - don't give up on me as I hope to have everything fixed before too long.

Indy said...

As I have said to you before and I will say it again, "Good luck with that."

OHmommy said...

I forgot that she had no dress for her 2nd xmas. That fabric is so pretty.

I just picked out the most beautiful store brought matching dresses in Chicago for my girls. You should check them out. They are sweet.

enthalpymama said...

What is that saying? If you don't laugh at yourself, someone else will?

Ohmommy - I'm sure they are beautiful and your pictures will be better than Hallmarks. I count on it.

Indy - yeah.

Scatterbrain - no chance of giving up on you . . . good luck.

Badass Geek said...

I'm with Scatterbrain - How you, a mother of three, find the time to sew anything other than what would resemble a burlap sack is beyond me.

Anonymous said...

Phew! I didn't manage to move my old site but have moved site anyway, so starting again. My poor brain has had enough coding for a while.

Come on over, the kettles on and I made cupcakes.

Rachel said...

soooo adorable!!!

Rachel said...

Lovely dresses, darling children and I am sooo impressed that you sew, and sew so beautifully ;-)

I'm getting a sewing machine for Christmas, maybe in 10 years I can sew like you.