Wednesday, November 5, 2008

A Geek at the Park

If a geek goes to the park on a beautiful day,
The things she may think but may never say . . .

She would look at this picture blown out of proportion,
Seeing water on cotton think liquid absorption.

And those shoes, “How cute!” but she wouldn’t go mention,
That beading water to her is nice surface tension.

And here Gladys jumps with exhilaration,
Against gravity it’s called counter acceleration.

Here George sits up high, now this is special,
She jumps to conclusions and sees energy’s potential

When that potential is spent and he’s back on the ground,
George splashes and plays, romping around.

Then suddenly he sees George, where he never expects,
In a muddy Fall puddle, he learns light reflects.

So why did she go to the park on this day?
The truth is: fresh air, and to see the kids play.

We teach them to see through just one more lens:
Science and poetry, the importance of friends.

So who is this geek? Surely not I.
Well, I can’t really hide it. I don’t even try.
Authors note: Congratulations to Senator and soon-to-be President Obama. I also congratulate Senator McCain, and all of those who have helped both of you through this crazy campaign season. Thank you for your sacrifices to make this democracy work.


Flea said...

You're such a brilliant poet. :) And a better woman than I with your congratulations. Maybe tomorrow ...

Race Pace Bicycles said...


Indy said...

As the president of the local Mensa chapter, I was thinking exactly the same thing as I watched the kids jump into the puddles. Didn't think to put it into a poem. Nice touch.

Badass Geek said...

What an interesting perspective. Poetry must be a common denominator among us geeks!

enthalpymama said...

flea - Its okay. I do try to be polite though.

Indy - I KNEW you were thinking exactly the same thing yesterday. See, I didn't even have to mention it - tee hee hee.

Badass - Yes, I believe it is. Poetry is at least half patterns and puzzles, certainly a fun mental exercise.

Indy said...

Thanks for the birthday message. Were you the one that left a cake at my front door? It wasn't homemade so I doubt it but no one else really knows. I was going to call and ask but then I thought it would be weird if it wasn't you. :)

enthalpymama said...

No, it wasn't homemade, although Gladys required that I make one this afternoon, which is a post in itself. I thought you would know it was me because of the silly joke. Could you read it???

Anonymous said...

This is amazing! And you make it seem so effortless.

The photos are adorable.

Also just wanted to let you know that I'm really enjoying the experience of coming to your new-look site.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful poetry. A lot of our boys' learning happens outside of school and home. Our travels to the playground, the ocean and the mountains all provide them learning opportunities. Our travels overseas broaden their thinking and expose them to new cultures. I love learning with them, as I learn about each of them.