Wednesday, June 24, 2009

All That's Fit to Print

Hello Mosquitos! MIT Mommy has asked one of her less erudite friends, I, the Good Flea, to fill in while she's away. Silly woman, asking me to pinch hit. What was she thinking?

She was thinking comedic value, is what she was thinking. Well it's not going to happen. Not here. Not today. I have nothing amusing to bring to the MIT table. All heady, solemn things for you, gentle readers.

Let's start with ... oh let's start with world news and events, shall we? There's nothing quite as stimulating as headlines.

It's good to see that investigators have determined the cause of the Air France disaster. I sometimes worry that these things aren't taken seriously. Quoting from the AP:

"We can now say, with complete confidence, that Air France Flight 447 was brought down by an unscheduled and unforeseen plane crash," lead French investigator Michel Villon stated. "Indeed, a survey of all the evidence indicates that this terrible tragedy was the direct result of a large airliner falling suddenly from the sky, dropping 30,000 feet, and colliding with the Atlantic Ocean at extremely high speeds."

See? What did I tell you? Really intelligent stuff.

On the U.S. job front, I'm sure we all know people who've lost jobs, maybe even careers. You may count yourself as one of those. If so, my heartfelt consolences. There's been a lot said and written about it of late, but I found this particular article quite illuminating. My favorite helpful quote concerning the statistical data is:

"One 18-to-29-year-old woman said she was a real person with a real name and real problems that could not possibly be adequately conveyed using cold-blooded numbers," he recalled. "Unfortunately, her responses were within the margin of error of plus- or minus-3 percent, so she didn't count."

Moving on. Here in the U.S., parts of the country have seen far more rain than they find comfortable. Personally, I'd welcome a shower or two here in 101 degree Tulsa. For a little perspective, I invite you all to visit a blog from an area where the rain seems to be non-stop.

That covers the weather as well. Hmph.

But entertainment - that's where things really start to heat up. I must make a small confession. Prior to last June, I had zero interest in celebrities or any entertainment related media. Last June, however, I began work at my local crazy hospital. Night shift. Best time to work is during the full moon. REALLY. And the TV seems to be on all the time, always covering the Beautiful People. So. That said, let's gossip?

Anyone out there read Catcher in the Rye? Don't hate me because I haven't, please. Or hate. All you like. A recent movie has brought famed author, J.D. Salinger, back into the spotlight. Check it out - he discusses whether or not he'll ever publish again:

When asked what he thought of today's novelists, and whether he had plans to publish any new work, Salinger replied that he loved it when the helicopter crashes and John Connor gets grabbed by that terminator that's only half a torso, and then he blows it away with the mounted machine gun.

See? Riveting stuff. I might just have to see the newest Terminator film now.

I'm spent. Thanks for tuning in today.

Until I write again (because I'll be back) ...



Indy said...

And so much happened today. Farrah and Michael passed on the same day. So much more mat'l for your next post. Good to see you here Flea.

AreWeThereYet? said...

who needs to read the paper. Now I have your posts....

MIT Mommy said...

So sad. Michael and Farrah pass away, and I don't find about it until we notice the headlines in a gas station off of I-80. I should have been reading my blog.

Flea said...

It was a shock to hear that Michael passed. I was listening to the radio - I think Bad was playing - and the DJ said "The late Michael Jackson." I stopped in the middle of the road. Just sat there.